Thursday, May 3, 2012

Republicans Are Assholes

Republicans are assholes, and I say it with utmost respect.

When I was in fifth grade, I learned that the word ass is also a synonym for donkey and therefore the Democrats have an ass as their symbol. During the 2008 election, I heard Republicans position themselves as the heart/center of America, the working part of America, and what the Democrats are not. So, I was thinking... if the Democrats are the ass, the Republicans must be the asshole. Again, I say it with the utmost respect. And I believe the ass/asshole analogy can describe the two parties very well.

The Democrats and their big government programs are the ass. The ass is useful because it offers a lot of support. When you injure your leg or are tired from old age, you're thankful for the relief the ass offers. The problem is that a bigger ass isn't necessarily a better ass (except if you're black or Latino. Blacks and Latinos love big asses, even when it's too big by a white man's standards). But if you sit on your ass all day, your ass is going to get bigger. The ass doesn't care though, the Democratic party doesn't care. It just wants to get bigger.

The Republican party on the other hand recognize that government should only be sufficiently large to function, but no larger. They really do represent a functioning part of America, even though some people cringe when they see them. They want the Democratic party to occupy less space, which would mean a smaller ass. The problem is that the Republican party tries to achieve this by making themselves larger. And by our analogy, if the Republican party is large, you know you've just been f***ed or a lot of sh** is about to be passed.

But we cannot end this discussion without talking about the Libertarian party. I guess they would be the hair surround the hole. They're there to protect you. Some people see them as an extension of the asshole, maybe even confusing them as part of the asshole, but in reality they serve a very different purpose. The Republicans need them, but they also get pushed aside when they get in the way of the sh** that the Republicans are trying to pass.

American politics is pretty grotesque.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

KONY 2012 - Legalize It

In 2010, Proposition 19 was initiated in California to legalize the use of marijuana for non-medicinal purposes. It was defeated during the November 2, 2010 Statewide ballot, but proponents of the initiative are not giving up.

Advocates of recreational chronic (another name for marijuana) have been working non-stop to reintroduce a similar act, and two years later the KONY 2012 campaign was born.

April 20th (2012), National Weed Day, will be the day of action for members of the KONY 2012 campaign. All their activities would culminate on one night to "cover the night," where members will meet at sun down with the aim to get the whole town plastered.

If the campaign were to succeed, it would signify a major shift in policy in the US as well as an increase in "grass root" movements.


After the defeat of PIPA (Protect IP Act) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), another controversy is catching the attention of youths all across America, KONY.

KONY (pronounced Kohn-nee) is an acronym for "Keepers of Netizen Youths."

Although KONY claims to protect the youth, the real result is an erosion of freedom. Those affected felt less secure, not more. If not defeated, KONY will limit the access to information and ultimately threaten the freedom of speech. While we agree that distribution of illegal web contents can be a serious issue, we do not believe that KONY is the right means to address it.

Activists are engaging 20 celebrity culture makers (including Bill Gates and facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg) and 12 policies makers to put an end to KONY.

Do your research. Find out more. Write to your representative and encourage them to STOP AT NOTHING to STOP KONY in 2012.

Kony 2012 - Justice for Kony

Joseph Kony is a man who is currently hunted by the Ugandan government for darling to speak out against them and for his fight against the politicians. The Ugandan government has been cited numerous times by Amnesty International for human rights violations and for their detention of human rights activists.

Kony runs a camp for children whose parents have either been killed or displaced, but the Ugandan government has demanded that the children be handed over. Kony refused, knowing the fate of these children if they were to return. Some of the children once returned, became soldiers of the Ugandan government. Soldiers trained to kill. Many government and non-government agencies have also documented cases where women were raped and tortured. Under the current regime, Ugandans have a life expectancy of merely 53.1 years, 16 years below the world average.

All over the world, human rights activists have been labels by tyrannical governments as criminals and terrorists. But as Americans we must speak out. We must tell the Ugandan government that no human rights activist deserve to be hunted the way Joseph Kony is, no human rights activist deserve to be treated the way Joseph Kony is treated. And we must tell our own governments to stop supporting governments that treat human rights activists like they treat Joseph Kony.

Justice for Kony

Friday, March 9, 2012

Kony 2012 - Who is Joseph Kony

There is a lobbyist group actively trying to dupe American politicians and the American people into entering a war with Uganda. This war is not in the strategic or financial interest of the US, but Obama has already approved military action. However, none of the politicians currently running for President has spoken out about it, not even Ron Paul. Joseph Kony is the only leader adamantly opposed to US intervention. This election season, forget the Washington politicians. Put yourself behind a cause that is aimed to unite Americans, unite Democrats and Republicans.
Joseph Kony is relatively unknown, but the Kony 2012 campaign seeks to make him famous. Youths from all over America and across the world is making him known by putting up posters with his name, by wearing T-shirts with Kony 2012, and by passing on Kony 2012 bracelets to their friends.

Unlike Romney, Obama, or even Ron Paul who make policies from their ivory towers, Joseph Kony isn't your typical Washington politician. Kony has lived in some of the harshest conditions imaginable, and became stronger because of it. And unlike the politicians currently running, Kony has invested millions of his own money to provide training for children.

There is a video on youtube called "Kony 2012" which would make you aware of who Joseph Kony is as well as who is trying to dupe America into a war with Uganda.

Watch it. Be informed. Vote Kony 2012.